With the amount of highly tuned Evo's increasing as tuning methods improve, naturally many of these cars are heading for the track, either at enthusiast level or all-out competition. For maximum reliability, the inherent weaknesses in the standard oil control system need to be addressed. As a natural by-product of improved power levels and enhanced chassis/handling techniques, cornering techniques may be increased to such a level that, under certain circumstances, critical areas of the engine may be starved of oil, resulting in catastrophic failure of the engine.

APT are pleased to announce the launch of the enhanced version of Pace Products Dry Sump Kit for the 4G63 engine, fitted to Evo 4 to 9 vehicles. Following extensive testing of the current kit by Pace Products in conjunction with APT, several areas of improvement have been identified, concentrating on simplifying the oil routing and enhancing the endurance capability.

  Mitsubishi Evo Dry Sump Kit - Track/Race car Oil Control System Mitsubishi Evo Dry Sump Kit - Complete with CNC Machined Front Cover Mitsubishi Evo Dry Sump Kit - Cast Alloy Sump Pan

 Mitsubishi Evo Dry Sump Kit - CNC Machined Front Cover & Bracket Mitsubishi Evo Dry Sump Kit - 3 Stage BG Pump  

A CNC machined, billet aluminium front cover has been designed incorporating a roller bearing arrangement for the camshaft drive belt. This component service to simplify the system and take away the main causes of unreliability in past kits.

The cast aluminium sump pan features a retained O-ring seal between the sump pan and the cylinder block.

The pump mounting bracket has also been revised in order to move the pump further away from the exhaust and turbo. This is necessary with the advent of modern turbo kits and large diameter exhausts.

This kit is exclusively offered from APT as a bolt-on solution with no requirement to modify standard engine components. Please enquire for the latest prices, kits are available NOW!!

Please note that exact component designs/colours may vary.

Please CONTACT US for further details or watch this space.

Pictures Matt Woods www.motorshots.co.uk